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I lead teams that focus on maximizing the time engineers and stakeholders spend on solving business problems, and minimize the time they need to spend on technical details around implementation, deployment, operations, and monitoring of these solutions.



Eleanor Health - Waltham, MA

Head of Platform and Data Engineering; 8/2023 — Present

As Head of Platform and Data Engineering, I enable our development, data analytics, and other teams to work quickly, without technology getting in the way. This is accomplished by working together to create a shared understanding of our technical and business needs, and using this knowledge to design mature systems, allowing engineers, analysts, and others to do what we hired them for instead of fighting tooling and process to get there. I built data pipelines in python, bash, and sql using Argo Workflows, DBT, Big Query, and a mix of SaaS tools. Automated many manual reporting and data import processes to remove risk of errors and improve turn around time.

Head of Infrastructure; 4/2021 — 8/2023

Worked with our engineering team to create highly available infrastructure to run our platform on, including standardized logging, metrics, monitoring which allow us to move quickly with little customer facing downtime. Improved build pipelines and CI/CD process. Worked with external partners to set up multiple systems for data ingestion and processing. Prepared for SOC2 certification. Wrote and maintained documentation around onboarding, production readiness, hiring, and more.

Sun Life (Maxwell Health) - Boston, MA

Associate Director, Senior Infrastructure Engineer; 1/2019 — 4/2021

As the technical lead for the infrastructure team, I worked with engineering teams to advise on platform and architecture decisions. With the infrastructure team, I acted as a technical resource and mentor, helping the team maintain our internal services and the build pipeline. Our team provided well documented, maintainable, and highly available services, following our revised production readiness process that for all of our engineering teams.

Maxwell Health - Boston, MA

Infrastructure Engineer; 8/2016 — 1/2019

As a senior member of the infrastructure team, I led some of our long term infrastructure projects and was responsible for platform and service stability. Moved infrastructure to terraform, improving service deployment time and allowing for faster disaster recovery. Designed event message store backed by Elasticsearch and Logstash. Migrated services from Elastic Beanstalk to kubernetes using helm and a standardized build pipeline.

Curriculum Associates - Billerica, MA

Senior Operations Engineer; 5/2016 — 8/2016

Designed a scalable, easily deployable, centralized log management and processing system using Terraform, Puppet, Logstash, Elasticsearch, and Kibana on Amazon Web Services.

Acquia - Boston, MA

Site Reliability Engineer; 8/2014 — 5/2016

At Acquia, I spent my time between acting as a dedicated resource for a large customer, ensuring site availability during some of the world’s largest events, including the Olympics, the Super Bowl, and more. Working as a strategic contact and partner, I had regular calls and on-site visits to ensure site availability and performance was maintained at a high level, during standard operations and high traffic events. I used this experience to develop auditing and automation tools, to lower our mean time to resolve customer issues, as well as predict and address them before they occur.

Senior Cloud Systems Engineer; 7/2013 — 8/2014

As an engineer at Acquia, I helped maintain a fleet of 13,000+ systems on EC2, and helped redesign the monitoring system to accommodate thousands of simultaneous checks. I developed tooling to streaming the creation of support tickets from the operations team, improving site stability for customers. I created a standardized development environment using Vagrant to enable consistent local testing.

PlumChoice - Lowell, MA

Linux Systems Administrator; 10/2011 — 7/2013

As a Systems Administrator at PlumChoice I brought all linux systems under centralized configuration management and ensure they were always fully patched. I architected our system and network monitoring, across sites worldwide, using Nagios/Icinga, Logstash, Splunk, and custom scripts for system tasks and monitoring. I was responsible for deploying and managing linux and Windows systems, both virtual (VMWare ESX & VCenter) and bare-metal. Configured and maintained our web application firewall and load balancers for our core applications. I acted as our company Security Administrator, responsible for parts of PCI-DSS compliance, policies, and reviewing security incidents.

IT Infrastructure Consultant; 2/2011 — 10/2011

Created a PC cloning and imaging solution for the rapid deployment of employee systems using Clonezilla and DRBL. Assisted in the design and implementation of escalation procedures for operations to development. Took over as sole Linux systems administrator and became a full-time employee.

Relevant Skills

Engineering Leadership, Performance and Capacity Planning, Systems Design, Code Review, AWS, GCP, Linux, Bash, git, Terraform, Helm, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, Docker, Nginx, Logstash, HIPAA, Argo Workflows
MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Vault, Nagios, Hubot, Graphite, Puppet, RegEx, Apache httpd, Python, Ruby, OSSEC, Vagrant, PCI-DSS, Ansible, DBT, Skyvia, BigQuery, Datadog
markdown, Jira, kanban, scrum, node.js, golang
Read and comprehend most C-Family languages


Computer Science; Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Worcester, MA)
Management Information Systems; UMass Lowell (Lowell, MA)
Management Information Systems; Middlesex Community College (Lowell, MA)

• +1 978.822.0077
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